Using Schedule Templates

Schedule templates are one of the more powerful features in ZenShows when it comes to managing your events.

One thing I should try to clarify as long as we are talking about templates is absolute vs relative times.  For some retailers we try to keep their open hours up to date in ZenShows.  If a location has hours of operation that you save a template from then that template can be saved as a "relative" schedule.  What this means is that the start and end times for the schedule are saved relative to open/close hours for that location.  And then when you load the template to a new location we use that locations open/close hours as the basis.

An example will help.

Portland EventDayOpenCloseSchedule StartSchedule EndMonday8 AM5 PM7 AM5 PMTuesday9 AM6 PM9 AM6 PMWednesday9 AM7 PM9 AM7 PM
Lets say for portland the store is open 8 to 5 on mondays and 9 to 6 on other days except wednesday when its open late. We want our talent to get to the store one hour early on monday to setup an…

Keep Track of your Forms

As more and more clients are using our forms to get summaries, contracts with staffers, collect images, etc it becomes more and more of an effort to insure compliance.

We have installed a new report for all Vendors and Agencies that will keep track of all your outgoing forms and allow you to follow up on those that have not been completed.

Just select the form you are after, what date range you are looking for (including upcoming events) and sort.

As with all reports, you can customize the report and have it automatically sent to you on whatever schedule you choose.  We recommend setting it up so that you look at all incomplete forms for events starting next week and have that emailed to you every monday or so. 

Don't forget, we can also collect signatures on documents!

Schedule Template Maintenance!

Ok,  you have been asking for awhile now.  Finally we have the ability to delete and edit the names of your schedule templates.  You can find it under profile -> Schedule Templates.  Give it a whirl!