New Training Video

We finally had a moment to complete the new training video.  I'm thrilled with how it turned out. 

Here is the text from the training video:

Getting started with ZenShows is fast and easy.  In this video we will walk you through the setup process and highlight some of the key features of the webapp.

By now you should have an email from us that looks something like this with a link in it to take you to your own personalized webapp.  Its important that you run through these steps on your mobile phone that you plan to use during your events.  please click on the link to start the process from your phone.

This is your webapp.  Its like a webpage, but can easily be saved on your phone and operates more like an application.  Please make sure you keep the link to this page secret as its your personal page and does not require a login to use it.  You may want to bookmark this page in your browser to make sure you can always get back to it.  The first step will be for you to confirm or update your email address.  Once that is completed press continue.

The next step is to enter your own personal password.  This can be anything you want so please use something you can remember.  Don't worry, if you forget it you can always recover your password at  Once you are happy with your password press continue.

Now we have some policies for you to review and approve.  These cover the use of Zenshows and the zenshows website.  When you are ready press continue.

Now we need to make sure we can communicate with your mobile phone.  If your phone number for your mobile phone is correct press the "send me the code" button.  If not, please edit first and then send yourself a code.

Once you enter your code press confirm and continue.  If there are any problems you can update your phone number and resend a code until you are successful.

Now we ask you to confirm your account details are accurate.  Your address may or may not be necessary depending on who you work with, but we at least need a confirmed postal code.  Also make sure your timezone is accurate as this will affect many things in ZenShows if it is not.

Now we are ready to confirm we can get your GPS location through your phone.  For this step its especially important you are doing it on your mobile device that you will be using during your events.  Also note that at any time you can text the key word LINK to zenshows to receive a link to your webapp.  If you are not on your mobile phone right now go ahead and send that text to get the link from your phone.

I know many of you are concerned about privacy about your location.  Please keep in mind that ZenShows will only acquire your location when you check in and out of an event.  Your phone will start to look for your location as soon as you open the webapp page to check in and out, but nothing will be saved on our servers until you actually press the button to check in and check out.  We do not keep track of where you are at any other time.  This is done to protect your privacy.

Scroll down and click on the LOCATE ME button.  If you do not wish to use the GPS features with ZenShows then you can select the bottom button to opt out.  Please note that when you start the process your phone will ask for your permission to give your location to ZenShows.  Please make sure you approve this.  You will see this step many times when using ZenShows and its designed to protect your privacy.  If anything goes wrong with this process then you will get some recommendations for fixing the issues.  If you still cannot get GPS to work please contact us at and we can assist you with getting your phone to work.

Congratulations.  All of the setup is complete!  You are now in the main screen for zenshows.  In the upper left corner you have a menu system that you can use to view some historical events, active events, and upcoming events.  If no events are in the system yet please check back later as they may not be added yet.  To select an event simply press on that event and the context will switch over.

Lets switch to the active event first.  Starting on the left, the tabs are comments, results, logistics, schedules and timesheets, checkin/checkout, and tasks.  The comments page is a place where you can add pictures, send comments to the staffing agency or vendor depending on your client, and also see communications from others.  You can directly add images from here through the comments as well

From the results page you can see sales data shared with you by your clients related to your events.  by pressing into the numbers you can get more detailed breakdowns of each days sales.  In the logistics tab you can see the status of any incoming or outgoing logistics.  If your client has uploaded BOLs then you can access those here as well.  Or grab pallet labels.

The check in tab is second from right and allows you to use your GPS to check in and out of the event.  You can use this to check in and out of your event anytime you want.  You can even check  in and out for breaks and lunches if your client wants you to do that.  You can always see your current work status from here as well if you forgot if you are checked in or out.  The timesheets/schedule tab is where you can review all your checkins so far on an event, add breaks, add checkins and checkouts, adjust times, etc.  Some of these features may not be enabled depending on how your client has configured your event.  Near the bottom of this page you can also see the event schedule as well.

Finally the tasks tab allows you to review any forms associated with your event or fill out inventory sheets.  Each of them are listed here and you can press one to edit it.  Once you have completed a task it will show with a green checkmark so you always know what is done and what is not.  On your inventories make sure you press the submit button after you have filled it out or zenshows may keep reminding you to do so.  The submit button is the small checkmark near the top of the inventory form.  For other forms the submit button may be near the bottom of the page.

That wraps up our introduction.  We really appreciate the time you took to review this.  Our goal is to make event selling as painless as possible for you.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at  Thank You.


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