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Home Shows, Fairs, and other assorted locations

Some of our vendors do a lot more than big retail in ZenShows.  I'm happy to announce that we now support custom location lists to allow you to setup your own retailers or event locations that can be anywhere on the planet. Currently the feature is only available to vendors but we are happy to open it up to agencies as well - just let us know! To access the feature go to your lists page.  There you will see a new section called "Private Retailers".  In our example we will add some food carts.  After you add the retailer you will now see a new "regions" list for that retailer.  Regions can be anything you want and do not need to actually be geographical regions.  In our case we will use regions to distinguish the type of food carts. Now you need to add some "stores" (IE, locations) to your list.  Click on the link to take you to your custom list.  For now it will be empty but near the bottom you can add a new location.  Start with the ID (thi