Notes on Dispatches and Inventories

By popular request we have added the ability to have notes attached dispatches and inventories.  This will allow you to enter extraneous information into these places in ZenShows for use internally or with your representatives.


Under dispatches you will now see a small  note icon when you create a dispatch.  This is where you can add notes for both internal use (your talent working your events will not see these) and public use.

Then from your shipments processing page the notes will show up when you go to send the dispatch.  Just enter a tracking number - update or modify the notes, and press "Ship Now" and everything will be saved.
You can also print the dispatch from here and the public notes will show up.  This is to allow your warehouse folks to include the printout of the shipment information directly in the box going out with the shipment.  The printout looks like this:

Of course the notes also show up in the comments area so your field talent can see it as well - along with the shipment details:


Inventory notes work much the same way.  When your talent fills out an inventory they now have the option to add notes.  From the webapp they have a new field near the top. These inventory notes are then visible on the original inventories in your events.  We do not include them in the inventory analysis pages as its just too much information for that already busy page.  Enjoy inventory notes!


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